Onkaparinga Gorge Walk

A fresh, warm and early 8am start meant we were parking at the top of the Onkaparinga Gorge National Park with the place nearly to ourselves.. We’d planned for a leisurely morning walk, and this one was a climb down to see the Onkaparinga river, winding its way through wetlands and gullies.


The views were stunning, especially from the Sundews look out. From here you can see the river, and realise the incline of the cliff. A definite selfie spot!


Down at the riverside, there was bush and shrubbery, pretty views with a peaceful atmosphere. Someone had tied a rope swing to a tree overhanging the water, but I doubt it is used very often. It’s a shame there wasn’t a little more grass area, as it would of made a lovely picnic area.


It was a relatively steep hike, though the trail was easy enough to follow. It took around 30 minutes to get down, and another 30 to get back up.

After a healthy start to the morning, we treated ourself to a McDonald’s sundae on the way home – we’d earned it!


Hahndorf German Village at Christmas


45 minutes North of Hallett Cove, is a small, German town called Hahndorf. The traditional town attracts visitors throughout the year, but never more so than in the festive season!

There was a German Christmas Market, similar to those now popular in most european countries, situated next to a church offering a beautiful place to sit in the sun. There were a wide range of stalls offering the opportunity to buy genuine, hand crafted gifts, a stage set up with singing and dance acts from kids and teenagers, and stalls to purchase food and drink. Not forgetting of course, the classic mulled wine!


There was a Father Christmas, dressed fully in his red suit and beard with his sack,  greeting children and having photos, which was lovely but very strange; Santa walking around in the 30 degree sun!!

It didn’t stop at the market though, along Hahndorf Main Street there were old vintage shops selling everything from candles to real leather belts, and hand carved wooden clocks costing thousands to traditional old German toys and classic English sweets!


We stopped to cool down at an Ice Cream Parlour, named Copenhagen’s, another European name I swear was only thrown in to confuse me that little bit more… I was at a German Christmas Market in Australia, watching a Santa Claus walk around in the scorching sun, while eating ice cream at Copenhagen! Not a sentence I ever thought I’d be saying!
Fröhliche Weihnachten


Alternative Amsterdam – 5 Things I Didn’t Expect To Be So Common

When you say ‘Amsterdam’, most people will immediately think of drugs, the Red Light District, bicycles and canals, and they wouldn’t be wrong! These are all things which can be widely found in the Dutch capital, and are the characteristics that first spring to mind at the mention of it. However, on my recent visit, I found there are a few other things, almost just as common, but which don’t often get a mention! Continue reading

#QOTD ‘You can choose to live in the front row, or the third row..’

You can choose to live in the front row, or the third row..
Every day we make a choice, and this choice will result in how your days – which turn into your life – will end up. Life throws many different situations at us; some good, some bad, some hard and some sad, but how we deal with those situations shape who we are, and how we look at the world. Even though it can be hard, don’t let the world dampen your spirits, but at the same time, don’t let it get your feet off the ground. Try to always be positive and look on the bright side; remember someone has always got it worse than you! Life is too short not to enjoy it, so live your life in the front row, now the third!