Benefits of Living in a Hot and Sunny Climate

There are many perks of living in the sun, besides the obvious – living in the sun! Coming from a small town in wet and dull England, the weather is reason enough for me to make the move! But there’s more to it than just fewer days of rain! 

Healthy Eating

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed since living in Vilamoura, is being healthier. I don’t think it’s clinically proven, but when in the boiling heat, who really wants to constantly be having 3 big meals a day, continuously snacking and downing cup after cup of tea or coffee. When the sun is out and the temperature is high, we tend to be less hungry anyway, and when we do eat, we tend to snack on tapas or opt for a lighter meal. Typically when on holiday we always over indulge on food and drink – hey, that’s the whole point of a holiday! – but when you live in a warm climate, this changes. You crave a lot more fruit and stick to smaller meals such as cereal or salads. It’s more than okay to cave in and treat yourself to a McDonald’s or kebab every now and then (I definitely did) but over all I’d say that in the sun, you treat your body better and give it the nutrients it needs!


Eating healthier is one thing, but your water consumption will probably double at least! Due to the hot weather, and increased perspiration, your fluid intake will naturally increase too. And we all know that water is the most thirst quenching, healthy liquid to drink!



I am a very lazy person (literally everyone I know will tell you), however 2014 was my most active year. Coupled with the fact that I didn’t have a car – a major help – and the stunning weather, driving around, even short distances, were not only less desirable but also a physical challenge! Being able to withstand the heat that has built up in the car, and being careful not to give yourself a 3rd degree burn from the metal belt buckle, is far more difficult and way more effort than walking or cycling is! Not only does this help the environment you are also getting some exercise, some fresh air, and consistently getting fitter. If you still need convincing, think of the great views and scenery you would take in on a walk or cycle along the beach or at the foot of a mountain – and what’s more appealing, that, or sitting in a villa all day sweating buckets? Of course in the good weather there are so many different forms of exercise other than just walking or biking! You can go swimming, or surfing or kayaking… exercise in the great outdoors is endless!


I definitely think a warmer climate improves your general lifestyle! Counting everything we’ve already said, just getting out doors with some fresh air is good for you! It keeps your from getting tired, keeps you much more energised in the day and gives you more time and opportunity to explore and discover the beauty around you; whether in the local towns, suburbs, or the heart of the jungle!


Who doesn’t want that summer sun glow which is bound to make all your friends jealous?! The sun is good for the skin (providing you are correctly protecting with lots of sun screen, I recommend SPF 30 at least)! The vitamins the sun gives you are good for your skin and for your complexion. So to get your skin and face looking lovely, have a little sun bath!


For me, this is the most important one. I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the sun makes us happy, and instantly puts us in a good mood! If I open my blinds and the sun is shining, I just can’t help but smile! How can you be angry or grumpy when the world looks so positive and radiant? Yes, you could have a bad day at work or an argument with a friend, but I for one would definitely cheer up a hell of a lot quicker sat sunning myself up by a pool, than sat at a bus stop sopping wet back home in the UK!!

For me, these 6 points are enough of a reason to give up the cold Monday blues for the Sunday funday cocktails on the beach! With after a year of living your new wonderful life, you will have more than likely lost some weight, gotten fitter and healthier, have glossy hair, glowing sun kissed skin, and a big fat smile on your face! What are you waiting for?!

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