Why I Fell In Love With The Big Blue Ocean

I’ve always loved going to the beach; building sandcastles and creatures as a kid, enjoying a book, or paddling in the sea for a refreshing break from laying in the sun, desperately trying to get that sun kissed tan (although inevitably ending up being burnt to a cinder and spending the next 4 days as red as a lobster!) But it wasn’t until 2014 when I moved to the sunny Algarve and lived on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean, did I realise just how much I loved the sea, and all its enchanting mystery.

Photo 30-05-2014 11 04 06

When we think of the ocean, most of us think of the beach, swimming, surfing, or a boat sailing around the world, but there is so much more to it than that! And I don’t think we realise (me included), just how big the oceans are! I mean, everyone knows they’re big, but when you actually look on a globe and realise that 70% of Earth is covered in water, it really hits you just how much we can’t see! Yes, that can be a scary thought, but as long as you’re careful and safe, our rich blue waters can be one of the most amazing, enticing things on the planet.

I first started to love the deep waters when at the beach! Braving it to swim in the still very chilly sea, and having fun with friends on banana boats and Crazy UFO’s! It’s all great fun, but there is still so much more than that! The novelty summer inflatable’s are super fun for anyone who likes to get their adrenaline going, but that then takes us to boat trips; glass bottom boat trips, dolphin and whale safari’s, tours around old rocks and caves, fishing boats, speed boats, luxury yachts.. the list goes on!

Photo 30-05-2014 11 36 57

Photo 30-05-2014 11 36 45

I did a couple of trips while in Vilamoura last year, including the dolphin trips, parasailing and a look around the caves! I loved each one and for different reasons! When you’re out there in the middle of the sea, you feel a real sense of freedom! The smell of the fresh salt and the sea weed in the air; the peace and quiet, with the sun on your back giving you time to think and relax. You start to understand slightly more about how big the world is and how there is so much you haven’t seen of it.

Ronan Keating sang in I Hope You Dance, ‘I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean’, and I love this line, because when you think about your little self compared to the vast, incomprehensible size of the ocean, you realise just how small you really are! (and hopefully how petty and unimportant some of our worries are too!)

Photo 30-05-2014 10 41 50

Photo 30-05-2014 10 42 17

All boat trips mentioned in this post were done with AlgarveXcite, a link at the bottom of this post will take you to their Facebook Page.

The beauty of the ocean is that you don’t just have to ride along on top, you can have greater experiences down in it. Scuba diving is a fantastic chance to go deep down and see not only any shipwrecks or sharks, but tropical fish, marine life and the coral beds! We often forget that the sea isn’t just places for us to explore but also home to thousands and thousands species of fish and sea creatures.

In 2015 I hope to experience the sea as much as I can; more trips, more fun, more swimming, more exploring! I love going out on a boat and looking around at the vast waters, the horizon going on for miles up miles! I repeatedly dream of owning a small boat, taking it out to sea and just spending a day out in the quiet, beautiful scenery, observing, diving, swimming and just enjoying nature… but until I win the lottery to buy such boat, I’ll stick with the trips I can afford!

Photo 30-05-2014 10 07 34

Many people say they want to sail the 7 seas. I like this but have decided to change it slightly for myself, to swim in all 7 seas! I hope one day I achieve this, with my big plans to travel I’ll keep in mind the different oceans and seas!

Photo 27-01-2015 21 32 59

I recommend AlgarveXcite for any boat trips and ocean adventures! Click here for their Faecbook Page.


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