Little Gems Under Our Nose

Photo 08-02-2015 15 07 25

A pebble beach at Barton-on-Sea

In this big, wide world, there are an infinite number of adventures to be had with in the hundreds of countries, thousands of cities and millions of towns, yet we often forget the little gems around us, sometimes closer to home than we realise! Today I went on a family beach walk, and realised how England can sometimes be just as stunning as anywhere else!

We had a beautifully clear day, and actually quite mild for early February, and walked along the sea front at Barton-on-Sea. Dogs and their owners were out on their morning walks, children were skimming stones on the water, and you could see the Isle of Weight and The Needles in the distance. Today has definitely got me in a good mood and ready for summer! Scroll to the bottom for a short video.

If you’re saving for your next big adventure, or want to do something just for a day, a walk into the forest or trek up a big hill in your area is a fantastic way to open your eyes to the beauty around you. Remember, there are people in the world dreaming of visiting a town like yours, so don’t take it for granted – go out and explore the places others are only wishing to be!

Photo 08-02-2015 15 07 25 (1)

The Isle of Weight and The Needles

I made a 2 minute video (actually for my nan), but I thought I would share it as it shows off a great part of the South coast.

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