Tourist Vs Traveller

When booking a trip, most of just can’t wait to get away for a few days, and departure day couldn’t come any sooner. Some of us dream about relaxing on a white sand beach, with a cocktail in hand, while all others can do is think about the new places they are going to discover, the new people they are going to meet, and the new types of cuisine they are going to eat. For me, this defines the Tourists and the Travellers.

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The Tourist Vs Traveller comes into play when a week away could be the only vacation of the year, and so how the time is spent is all the more important.

Sights Vs Sand

Sometimes, for everyone, the thought of laying on a hammock on a beach in the Bahamas is just what we could do with; a few days away from the stresses of work and reality is just what we need. But people will always argue that spending your only week’s holiday on the beach is a wasted opportunity to see another part of the world. While we all love to relax and unwind, isn’t it better to fill our minds with new things and experiences? Standing under a waterfall, taking a tour of a pyramid or going on Safari and learning about animals and their environments is surely much more fulfilling and rewarding than just getting some sun?


Staying in Vs Going Out

Yes, all inclusive food and drink makes is so tempting to just laze around the pool or have a game of air hockey in the ‘games room’, but why not hire a car and visit one of the places advertised in the hotel’s reception leaflets? Hire a car and take a drive to a new city, the capitol, to some old ruins or museums… Go out and learn about the history of the country and how certain things make it the way it is today. Do remember though that most ‘sight seeing spots’ advertised are normally only in the more touristy/English spoken areas. The further inland you go, the more chance you have at finding wonders you didn’t even know existed!

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Bars and Clubs Vs Festivals and Carnivals

For me, this is a must! You can go to a bar or a club any time, any where, but going to a festival or carnival of the country you are vacationing in could be a once in a life time opportunity. Take the time to speak to the locals, hotel staff, or even Google what is going on in the towns and cities near by! If you happen to be there at the right time of year you could be in for a treat! Whether it is the Tomato Throwing Festival in Valencia, or the Brazilian Carnival, you’re sure to enjoy it and feel all the more cultured for attending! The locals know how to party, and to be a part of it is something special! You’ll definitely be glad you tried it, and at the very least it’s a story to tell your friends back home – you’ll also have that little bit of knowledge should a related question ever come up at a pub quiz!


Pub Grub Vs The Local Delicacy

I can definitely speak for the English, and probably most nationalities, when I say that when we are away from home, most of us will try and find restaurants which serve food we know and are used to; fish and chips, burger and chips, pasta and steaks. This food could be cooked perfectly and taste great, but you are again missing another opportunity to learn about the difference in culture. The food the locals eat might look weird and gross to you, but until you try it you will never know! They way they cook things could be different to how your used to, but the taste might be amazing! Try a few new foods and if you don’t like it, you know there will be a McDonald’s or Burger King relatively near by! You may end up discovering a new favourite meal and taking the recipe back home to cook for your friends at a dinner party.

loule market

Water Parks Vs Underwater Worlds

Sun, slides and splash pools are a kind of water fun heaven! But what is more amazing, adventurous and memorable, is scuba diving! Diving deep down into the depths of the sea is a fantastic experience! You will get to see tropical fish, turtles and maybe even sharks! You will see their habitats and the underwater plants that make up the sea beds, and you’ll never forget it. If you don’t quite fancy going right under, snorkeling is also a great choice! Try to take part in as many things as you can, rather than just having a photo on different beaches! Experiences stay with us for a lot longer and can open your mind more to the world! DSC_0017

You don’t have to have traveled the world to be a Traveller, and there is nothing wrong with having a relaxing holiday as a Tourist. Just think about each side the next time your away to get the most out of your trip! Travel broadens the mind, for those who are willing let new things in!


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