Top 10 Reasons to Have Friends Around the World

It’s always cool to have friends who live around the world, right? Here’s the my Top 10 Reasons!

1. Cheaper Holidays

This has got to be the main reason, right? The more people you know in the more countries, the better. When you’re planning that next holiday or just want to get out of town for a few days, you’ve always got someone to call – and what’s more, it’s likely to be a lot cheaper than paying over the top hotel prices! And as if a cheap holiday to a new country or city isn’t enough, almost everyone knows someone who lives in a different part of the country you could go and stay with! You could even turn it into a cross country road-trip to see some extra sights!

2. Time Zones

You know them annoying nights we all have from time to time, when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get to sleep? Well when you’ve got friends in different time zones, someone is always going to be awake to Skype or chat to until you’re tired enough to sleep! No more nights just lying in the darkness waiting for hours to drift off!

Photo 15-02-2015 22 05 58

3. Facebook is more interesting

We all do it. When we are bored we sit scrolling through our news feed, even when no one has updated it for hours. It becomes very tedious, but we just can’t seem to help it. Wouldn’t it be nicer to see photo’s of a volcano in the Canary Islands, or helicopter photos of the Grand Canyon, or see turtles and tropical fish swimming in clear blue waters? Not only does it spice up your news feed a little bit, it inspires you to go away and take your own photo’s people will be jealous of!

4. You’ll have cool stories to tell

Not everyone can say “oh, when my friend was in Guatemala he was helping to build a school for the underprivileged kids” or, “I was looking through my friends Safari photo’s from South Africa, she’s got selfies with a tiger!” If you’ve been to visit friends or family you more than likely had a great time. You will have gone out to different places and tried different things, all of which will be great anecdotes for friends and work colleagues at home! Photo’s from you trip will also be a great reminder of the amazing times you had.

5. You’ll feel more cultured

Whether you have been their or not, you’ll learn about other countries through people you know who live there. You might know what the traditional meal is, or what their national hobbies are, or where the best place to visit is or best sights to see! You may even pick up on some of the language (or accents if it’s the same language as your own) and you’ll feel all the more travelled without even leaving your home!

6. Awesome presents

If you are lucky to have someone who cares enough to send you little post cards or presents come the holidays, you could be in for a right treat! The type of present’s people normally sends overseas are the things you can’t get at home! If it’s your birthday and you get a parcel from a friend, it will be something you could never buy where you live. My friend who lives in Australia sent us over some Australian chocolate (nice, but not a patch on our English beauties!), boomerangs, koala themed things, and other little treats we couldn’t (well at least not easily) in England. It was lovely of him to send them, but also nice to see what kind of things they have in Australia, should I never get the chance to go.

7. Recommendations

You’ll always have someone to recommend places in their areas or near by countries. If you fancy a trip to a less known holiday destination, and the trip advisor reviews just weren’t enough, a friend of a friend of a friend will know someone who’s been and can give you an idea of what to expect.

Photo 15-02-2015 22 10 09

8. It makes you sound worldlier

Its always nice when you can drop things into conversation, about where your family member lives, what the weather is like and maybe some history from their area. Most people’s geography is never as good as they think it is, so knowing where a few places are is likely to impress people alone!

9. Pen Pals

With technology getting better every day, it’s so easy to keep in contact with friends and family across the globe! All you need is an internet connection and you’ve got instant messaging, video calling and emails which can reach anyone, anywhere! So I’ll admit that writing letters is very much something of the past, but how great a feeling is it to get something hand written in the post?! Pen pals are great for doing some actual writing – not just typing – and show you care that little bit more than sending a quick message on twitter! If you know someone who’s first language isn’t the same as yours, it’s also a great way to practice with each other, so you learn something too!

10. Covering Ground

If your dreams are to travel, then making and having friends who live in other countries is more than a blessing! Yes you’ll miss them when they go, but seeing them will be better than anything! The further out or more remote places your friends live, the more adventures you can have – and it’s another little piece of the world you will have seen! With enough friends and planning, you could have seen half the world and experienced it with some of your favourite people!


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