London: 8 Places to Visit on a Budget

Last Friday I did a day trip to London; I didnt spend much but saw so many places! My only expenses were my coach ticket to London Victoria, my all day travel card for the London Underground (£12 for an adult), and lunch! Here’s what I saw and what I recommend.


Buckingham Palace
No trip to London is complete without going to see and get a selfie in front of the Queen’s house! With the thousands of other tourists we took loads of photos of the Palace, the guards, and the gold statue in front. Along with Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace is the most visited tourist attraction in England.


Camden Town Market
Camden Market is a personal favourite when it comes to visiting London; the stalls, the food and the culture make up a great atmosphere, and the Lock provides some beautiful views while having a drink or some lunch! You get a real sense of the London hustle and bustle with the traders and tourists haggling over their novelty buys.



M&M World
Whether you’re a chocolate fan or not, you cant miss this! 4 floors of anything and everything you could think of – M&M style! Some great photo opportunities, including M&M’s crossing a road Beatles style, and a London bus to pose it. It’s also great for gift ideas for the chocolate lover you know.



A great walk around, especially in the evening with the Chinese lanterns lighting the streets. Surrounded with traditional Chinese restaurants and shops, its the closest you will get to visiting China without leaving the UK. Fantastic atmosphere for dinner, but just as good to go and pick up some Chinese food supplies if you fancy having a go at cooking yourself.


Despite it being one of the more expensive shops in London, Harrods, Knightsbridge is definitely one not to miss! Even if you don’t purchase anything, it’s so big, and full of everything you could want, it’s totally worth a look round! From designer handbags, to furniture and bed covers to every high tech gadget available! The gift shop has a few more reasonably priced items to buy for friends and family – or just as a treat for yourself!


Hamleys Toy Store
The shop that brings out the inner child in everyone! 5 floors of toy heaven! It’s a frantic and busy shop, with things going on in every corner; magic trick demonstrations, boomerangs whizzing around, remote control cars driving on the ceiling, helicopters flying over head… The toys and games aren’t too badly priced, but to anyone thinking of taking their kids, I warn you they will want the lot!

Covent Garden
If you like street performers and Theatre shows, you will like Covent Garden! With the shops and market stalls, you’ve already got enough to do, but there’s always a fair few entertainers out on the streets; magicians, crazy stuntmen, signers and dance groups… you’ll find it hard to be bored. Covent Garden also leads you on to Drury Lane, with some of the world famous theatres showing all the West End classics such as The Lion King, Wicked and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Hotel ME
If you have time, a visit to the roof top bar of any of the London hotels provides some amazing views – especially once it’s dark! You only need to buy one drink and don’t have to stay for long, but seeing England’s capital light up from above is definitely the perfect way to end your day!


Check out this video of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Chinatown, Hamley’s and M&M World! See my YouTube channel for more videos, or the click on the Videos button at the top!


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