Travel Light

‘I would gladly live out of a suitcase if it meant I could see the world’.

I love this quote, and along with the millions upon millions of others who aspire to travel, I would more than happily make the (very small) sacrifice if it meant exploring the world. We don’t need all the fancy cloths and pairs of shoes, or big bulky souvenirs. As nice as it is to have these luxuries once in a while, we don’t take them to the grave; only memories and tattoo’s go with us that far.

One of the golden rules for every backpacker of traveller is to travel light and only take essentials. This is for obvious reasons as having to carry your bags round with you 24/7 and having to pay for everything to be transported from continent to continent.

I totally 100% agree with all of this, and understand not just the logic but the desire by not having too many possessions upon your person, but I struggle so much to pack light!! Living in Portugal I am stationary; I am here most definitely for at least 8 months so i dont have to worry about carry my things around with me. I am settled and relaxed and maybe thats why i find it hard to cut down, simply because there is no need right now.

There are of course benefits of not bringing every single chilhood photo, book you say you’ll read, or every hat you’ve ever owned, to your new home broad, one of them being the shipping costs! However, when you know you are going to be staying in the same place for a while, and having you own place to stay, it’s nice to have some of your own personal things, to turn the place from a house to a home.

The amount of home comforts I took with me to Portugal is ridiculous, literally ridiculous! There are some obvious main items which I couldn’t live without; my PC; kindle; clothes, but did I really need to bring drawings my young neighbours had made for me? Did I really need to bring my entire dvd collection in case I fancied watching Elf in the middle of August? I will admit I went massively over the top, but (as mentioned in a previous post) it was my first time living on my own, let alone abroad! I just wanted to feel at home and that my ‘real world’ wasnt too far away.

For my future plans to travel round South East Asia (as well as the rest of the world), I am well aware I will not be able to take anywhere near this much, my pages of lists will be stripped down to the bare minimum; if its not essential, its not coming!! For now though, while I am happy in one beautiful place, I will work on cutting down what makes the cut!

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