#1 The New York Lifestyle

I thought I had seen busy; rush hour in London and other big cities in the UK, but nothing can compare to New York. It is constant; people are always on the move; Starbucks is always full of New Yorkers getting coffee’s to go; every block lined with the famous yellow taxi’s all day and night; the bright lights and noise just go on forever!

The general hustle and bustle of a typical day in New York is quite over whelming! Everything is fast and urgent – even when you’re walking along the sidewalk you’re always being over taken by people in suits and talking via Bluetooth headpieces. I got a strong feel of deadlines and efficiency, and maybe that’s why New York is arguably the best city in the world.

I really loved the busyness of New York; the on-the-go lifestyle and the 24/7 functionality, but if you lived there, i definitely think a quiet relaxing holiday will be needed every now and then!

new york city streets

#2 Central Park >


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