Coffee and Cigarette Culture

Cigarettes and coffee, it’s so European isn’t it. I love the culture and many aspects of their mentality; families are very close, meals together are important, everyone spends so much more time outside… the list goes on! One of my favourites though is the coffee culture! Everyday I see hundreds of people; couples, families, friends, employees, all going out for a coffee together! Even if it’s only a quick 20 minutes, I love that everyone gets out and about everyday for a catch up!

One aspect I don’t like about European culture is that it seems everyone (but me) smokes! I understand that people will smoke no matter what, but it is apparently the ‘done thing’ and almost everyone does it! If it’s a quick espresso at 9am before work, it’s also time for a smoke, if you’re at the beach sunbathing, it’s time for a smoke! The one that got me the most was after doing an hours exercise class, everyone then went on to have a coffee and half a pack of cigarettes! To me, it seems crazy that you would go and work out for your heath and then smoke, but it’s just so common and accepted.

coffee and cigarettes

Whether people are smoking or not, I love going out for a walk and seeing cafe’s full of people sitting in the sun enjoying a coffee and some company before they start their busy days. As a non smoker and someone who doesn’t like coffee, I feel I don’t quite fit in with my bottle of water, but always love when a friend texts me asking to meet up for quick catch up and latte!


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