#5 The 9/11 Memorial

If you ever go to New York, you should absolutely visit and pay your respects to the 9/11 Memorial. It was the most powerful part of the whole trip of course, but also one of the most emotional, distressing, and upsetting places I’ve ever been in my life.


The Ground Zero fountains themselves were beautiful, with the names of the victims engraved, but it was the ‘museum souvenir store’ which was the most moving. They have a TV with videos of survivors, victim’s family and fire fighter’s which just broke your heart to watch.



There is a framed United States of America flag, named ‘The Flag of Honour’, embroidered with the name of each and every victim to the horrific tragedy the world saw back in 2001. There is another flag, ‘The Flag of Heroes’, embroidered with the name of every emergency service personnel who gave their life to save others.


Being just 7 at the time of the attacks, I was interested to go and see for myself, the impact the attacks caused. What I learnt hit me harder than anything else. Seeing so many names, of poor innocent people including children, sends shivers down your spine. Your hair stands on end while watching the videos. The loss felt, not just in New York or even America, but the world on September 11th 2001, was greater than anything I’ve known.

Visiting the memorial and the museum was absolutely nothing to the pain and devastation felt by hundreds of people that day, but it was without a doubt an experience that will stay with me forever. It was over whelming, and heart rending.


The touching and comforting thing about it was the strength and fearlessness the USA has shown since. The shop sold souvenirs such as t-shirts, sweaters and wrist bands, reading ‘United by Hope’.


There was a lot of uproar after the “gift shop” opened, with many people saying it to be ‘completely insensitive’, however I think it is nice for visitors to be able to buy little things to show they care, and that the world they will never forget the fallen of 9/11.


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