#7 Food

Having loved food, (mostly junk) since I was young, I had always wanted to visit America purely for their cuisine – and it did not disappoint! Almost everywhere we ate, the food was great. The McDonald’s menu wowed me and the amount of fast food joints over whelmed me – it was as if all my dreams were real!!


One of my favourite photo’s from the whole trip; The classic yellow NYC taxi’s in front of my favourite place to eat, McDonald’s.

My favourite discovery was bacon, egg and syrup pancakes – and the fact that it was classified as a ‘breakfast’?! Oh yes. I’m not really a pancake lover and wasn’t sure these foods would go together, but how wrong was I?! It’s now a lifelong favourite for the first meal of the day, and knocks lemon and sugar, and Nutella out of the [Central] park when it comes to Pancake Day!!


The portions were all huge in America and very reasonably priced! In other countries, I would enjoy trying the different tastes and flavours of the world, but being in America, I just wanted to eat the biggest, greasiest foods I could find – and I did by good measure!




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