#8 The Statue of Liberty

We of course took a boat trip around Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty herself. We took the boat trip at around sunset, so we had a glorious view of the New York skyline in the sun as we left, and a nice dusky view of the statue; both making for some lovely photos.


zoe jack tom boat statue of liberty from a distance sunset statue of liberty tom    IMG_2943

It was really nice to see the big city from another angle; a little further out and from the water. After roaming around the streets of New York for a few days, it was a reminder of just how big the city and the skyscrapers are from a distance. Coming from a small town in England, it still amazes me just how huge the architecture is, no matter how many times I see it.DSCN0123

sky scrapers from boat


The world famous statue, which was given to the USA as a gift from France, stands 93 meters from the ground to the top of the torch.

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