#9 Brooklyn Bridge

One sunny but cold afternoon, we walked to 486 meter walk over the East River, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was awesome to walk over the iconic bridge which has featured in many films including I am Legend, The Avengers, and one of my favourites, The Dark Knight Rises.


Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan


Obligatory selfie in front of the Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA, and was under construction/maintenance while we were visiting. It still made for some fantastic views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn itself.

start of brooklyn bridge

brooklyn bridge dark

road view from brooklyn bridge

One of my favourite photo’s from the Bridge

Aside from the stunning panoramic views, I also really loved the Love Lock; where people had written their names on padlock and forever chained it to the fence of the bridge. It’s a lovely trait, and something people can leave there forever.

brooklyn bridge from other side

Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn

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