2015 Goals – Progress Review

Wow, so it’s been a while! 

Unfortunately I haven’t been on here for a couple of months with any new posts or updates. I’ve been so busy since starting back at work, and the first 3 months I’ve been on the dreaded day shift! Leaving me with no time at all after the monotonous routine of cycling home, washing my uniform, showering, eating and then collapsing on the sofa at 8.30pm and sleeping til the next morning. Every day I was exhausted, mostly because of the heat – God, I forgot how draining the sun was! On the occasional nights I did go out, we never left the bars or casino until about 4am, and after the kebab on the way home, I wasn’t getting into bed til around 6am, so that might be another small contributing factor to the tiredness. 😉

But anyway, my wish was finally granted and I’m now back working my beloved night shift, giving me every day to enjoy the sun, the beach, the pool and get out and explore the Algarve, and in the last 2 weeks I’ve not wasted one day!

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First things first though, I just want to give a little update on my progress for my 2015 Goals (which can be found on the Homepage). Seeing as though we’re in June, we’re just over half way through the year, so I thought it’s a good time for a review!

  1. Be Healthy.

I have to say, of each of my 5 goals, I think this is the one I’m succeeding in most! After buying a car for this season, a little problem meant it had to go to the garage, and of course on Portuguese time that meant I was without it for around 9 weeks. So every day I was cycling to work.. It’s not far but it was a start. Since being back on nights I’ve been out on big walks along the coast to different places, and cycling through the hilly towns. I’ve learnt that 25km bike ride followed by a jump in the pool is one of the best ways to wake yourself up in the morning! I’ve also been eating so much healthier! I have been eating vegetable soup every day, and for the first time in my life eating fruit and veg daily! I haven’t felt too different within myself, but happy and proud of myself for not always grabbing the chocolate! I also know my body is appreciating the goodness!

  1. Get my Travel Savings started

This hasn’t been quite as easy as I wanted, but only due to the fact I still had to pay off some of my credit card back in the UK, however, even with doing that, I have still already saved more than I did all of last year, so I’m not doing badly! I’ve tried to curb my spending on unnecessary things, and will definitely be able to get a bit more in the bank by the end of the summer, which is good as I’m already making plans for the winter.

  1. Become and Explorer!

I am so happy with this one, it’s a great goal and I feel like I’m doing well with achieving it! Since working nights, I’ve been out so much with my best friend, (who so conveniently has the same day off as me). We’ve been out and about most days, walking, cycling, and just yesterday out in the car. I’ve seen some truly beautiful places, and like I said before, they’re all right under my nose! We’ve got a list longer than my arm of the places we want to explore, but we also have plans to go! I’m so excited!

  1. Book Challenge

Okay, this one I am really disappointed in myself. I wanted to read 30 books in a year, and have so far only read 4! I am going to (partly) blame being stuck on the day shift for 3 months, as I normally read in the day time by the pool or at the beach, but even so that is not an excuse! 26 books in 6 months is going to be hard, but so long as I’m still happy, I won’t be annoyed if I don’t complete all 30!

  1. Take part in a Charity Run

I don’t actually know any charity runs over here, so may have to do it in the winter months back home in the UK. I haven’t been out for a run since being here, but I’ve been doing a lot of walking and cycling so I know my fitness is improving. I just need to find an event and get some proper training in.

Overall, I’m really happy with myself for my progress, but also so happy in general, day to day life. I am living my dream once more, I’m surrounded by some of the most fantastic people, and I’ve not stopped dreaming for the future. I now have more time to get back into blogging too, so that’s the cherry on the cake!


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