Day Trip to Sagres, Algarve

After 2 weeks of only driving around Vilamoura, getting used to being on the right (or for me, the wrong side of the road), I thought it was about time to man up and make my first trip out of town. I called my best friend, Deep, and we decided – very last minute – that our destination would be Sagres. It’s 103km away and is the most western point of Europe.
Photo 16-06-2015 12 12 06

We packed our bags, chucked out bikes in the car, and headed off on Monday night, at 1:30am after I finished work. The time of evening meant that the roads were clear and we got there without any bother. We set our alarms for 9am, and got up and ready to explore this new place. (See our GoPro video at the bottom of this page!)

Photo 16-06-2015 12 07 55

Photo 16-06-2015 12 06 55

We visited the 2 biggest tourist attractions in town, the Fortaleza de Sagres and the Cape Saint Vincent lighthouse – which is dubbed here as ‘the end of the world’. Both places were great, but unsurprisingly it was the views which took our breath away. Being some 75 meters high up on the cliffs made for absolutely stunning panoramic views, of the North Atlantic Ocean, and some quiet but beautiful beaches down selfie

rock pose selfie

The fortress is 3 euro’s each to enter, where you get to explore the ruins, and walk the path all the way round which is full of informative signs. It’s a very historic place, and well worth the entrance fee. There is a small gift shop on site and you are able to enter by walking, with a bicycle or car.Photo 16-06-2015 11 49 03

The lighthouse was my favourite place, and we jumped straight into the spirit of things by buying the novelty “I was at the end of the world” t-shirts and posing for photos. The lighthouse itself was built in 1846, but it is very modern and around it there are gift shops, and a small outside cafe. There is also a museum, about Saint Vincent himself, which is only 1.50 Euros to enter. It is very small, and not quite what I was expecting, but for little over £1 you can’t really complain.Photo 16-06-2015 12 55 43

Photo 16-06-2015 12 57 24

Photo 16-06-2015 13 49 08

We cycled the 6.5km on the direct road from the fortress to the lighthouse, and on the way back we stopped at Forte do Beliche. There’s not as much there as the Fortaleza de Sagres, however when you walk through the archway you are greeted with yet another fabulous view.Photo 16-06-2015 11 37 55

forte selfie

We stopped again a few times on the way back along the cliff tops to take more photos and selfies before heading back to the car.

I really enjoyed our day in Sagres, but don’t think it’s a place you could go for a week’s vacation – unless you want to spend the majority of your time at the beach, although with remarkably calm waves and crystal clear, Caribbean-like waters, I could think of worse places to be! You can watch our GoPro video below!

Photo 16-06-2015 14 15 27


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