Travel the World, Start Locally

Everyone wants to travel the world, sea the sights and the wonders and the beauty of our planet, but this can sometimes feel like just a dream. Here’s some advice, to travel the world, you’ve got to start locally!

  1. Beauty is everywhere

It’s a little cliché, but it’s true. There is beauty and adventure everywhere, and normally right in front of us. Sometimes we are all too caught up in our own lives and plans and dreams that we forget how great it is right where we are. There’s always somewhere to go and see and explore.

Photo 25-05-2015 14 42 51

  1. Travelers want to go there

To you, it may just be home; that boring place where nothing happens, but I can guarantee you, someone, somewhere in the world is dreaming of travelling there and seeing what you see every day.

  1. Taken for granted

We are all guilty of it, but sometimes we take things for granted. This includes living in beautiful places that others can only dream of. The old castle in your town might seem boring to you, but if you do a little research and pay a little more attention, you might come to find it’s a very famous, historic building which played a massive part in the history of your area.

Photo 16-06-2015 15 55 08

  1. Different perspective

Some things, no matter how great, can get a little boring after a while. Take for example the beach. Yeah it’s stunning and good fun, but if you see it every day, sure, the novelty wears off. Try getting up early and watching the sun rise from it, or the sunset, or looking at it but from a boat anchored in the sea. If you look at it from different angles, and different time of day, it can reignite the ‘wow’ factor. It can give help you rediscover its beauty and give you a new perspective.

Photo 02-06-2015 14 54 13

  1. Pretend to be a tourist

As silly as it sounds, this can be quite fun. For a day, pretend you are a tourist in your home town. Ask people what they recommend to see for someone who’s just there for a day, and visit the tourist attractions or ‘selling points’. When you act as a complete stranger to the place, you might just realise how much there is to see.

  1. Give good recommendations

Once you know the place inside out, you will be good for giving recommendations. What’s good, what’s not so good, what’s worth it and what people should see if they have limited time in the area. People will appreciate it and it might just make you feel proud of where you come from.

Photo 16-06-2015 12 12 06

  1. Travel the world, start local

Almost everyone dreams to one day travel the world. Who wouldn’t want to road trip around America, explore Asia and learn to surf in Australia? But as I said before, some people are desperate to travel to exactly where you are now. The world is a big, big place, and so you can make a start by exploring your local treasures. It’s a good way of still seeing new places while saving money, it will be good fun and give you some tips on how to make the most of travelling when you are able to go off into big wide world.


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