Rotterdam – Taking in the City from 315ft Up!


When you travel to a new city, you always want to see it all! Some times, as much as we want to take in everything there is to offer, this just isn’t possible with timings/budgets etc. So if you’re traveling to Rotterdam, why not take a trip to the top of the Euromast Tower, where you get beautiful, 360˚ panoramic views of the whole city, and further!

For less than €10 per adult, take the short, 30 second elevator ride to the Observation deck, 96m (315ft) above ground level and take in some stunning scenery. Even with grey and cloudy weather you can still see for miles, admiring some of the Netherlands most fantastic architecture and canals!


Top Tip

The observation deck is open till late, so you have the option to see the open land in the daylight or night time! You don’t have a limited time once you have bought your ticket, so my top tip would be to go up just before the sun starts to go down! This way you will get to see the city in the day light, while the sun goes down, and you’ll also see the city up in lights, as darkness falls upon you!

For the more adventurous of you out there, if you go when the weather isn’t too bad, there is also the opportunity to abseil back down the mast! This is a fabulous experience and although maybe a little bit daunting to some, how many people can say they’ve abseiled down one of the tallest buildings in Holland?

Other things you can experience from the Euromast are dining in their fantastic restaurant, up at the 100m mark – talk about dinner with a view!

But lastly, for the most fantastic feature I think personally, they have the opportunity for you to stay the night up the tower! The rooms have large glass windows/doors, giving you the best possible view. Just imagine waking up and watching the sun rise up over the city, from the comfort of being in bed in your PJs!





The Euromast was built between 1958 and 1960 where it was originally designed for the 1960 Floriade (an international exhibition and garden festival held every 10 years in Holland). At the time of completion it was the tallest building in Rotterdam, however the Euromast no longer holds this record.

Check out a short video of my trip to the Netherlands, including a view from the top of the Euromast! 

Short Trip to The Netherlands


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