Moon Signs – How True Are They? 

I’m sure everyone is aware of their star sign, and some may check their horoscopes for the week. Personally, i’ve never really believed in this, until a couple of weeks ago I learnt that there are also moon signs. I am obsessed with the moon, so wanted to check mine out. My star sign – also known as sun sign – is Capricorn, but my moon sign is Aquarius. I couldn’t believe it, but it was incredibly accurate for my personality. 

Below are some common characteristics for Moon in Aquarius.‘Moon in Aquarius people are in essence, eccentric loners’

  • They prefer to be very different to people in every way 

This is me to a T! I never want to be normal and fit in!

  • They enjoy spending time alone

Definitely, I like to spend a lot of time alone! Helps me reflect and charge my batteries!

  • These individuals always expect to be accepted exactly as they are, along with their eccentricities

If people don’t like you for who you are, you don’t need them! Don’t let anyone change you!

  • They display a great sense of humour and are typically playful and childlike when in their element 

Spot on! See my post here about how we grow old because we stop playing

  • They are great dreamers 

You’re need to old to dream a new dream, go mad and get creative! 

  • Can be very stubborn and are prone to temper tantrums

As much as I can be stubborn and uncooperative some of the time, I rink every needs to have this side to them. When they need to stand for something they believe in, you know they won’t give in! This characteristic is very me!

  • Interesting friends with a completely unique opinion on things 

If everyone thought and felt the same about things, the world would be a very boring place! The world needs the weird and the whacky to go round! 

There were more attributes which were spot on for me, which included relationships, how we deal with feelings, and completing day-to-day tasks. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised with reading this, and I encourage you to check out your own moon sign! See how accurate it is and you might learn something about yourself! 🙂


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