Christmas – What’s It Really All About?


Maybe it’s because I live away for the majority of the year so I see my family less, or maybe it’s just because I’m growing up, but either way, I have learnt that Christmas isn’t about the presents, like all kids think it is, and that really, the important thing is, the food. I’m joking of course! It’s a day where the whole family gather round and have a jolly good day together!

Our Christmas tradition has always been to have Christmas with the family, exchange presents in the morning, eat the big festive lunch, and then drink, sleep, watch TV, play games and be merry in the afternoon, right through till bed calls us – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


When you get to a certain age, you start to realise that the saying ‘it’s not about what’s under the Christmas tree, it’s about who is around it’ is 100% spot on. There SO much effort that goes into giving and having a good Christmas that isn’t always noticed, but as you get older you realise people almost move mountains to give everyone a great day!

Family arguments are quite a classic at Christmas, but given the choice I don’t think anyone would change that; it’s all part of the tradition! Where you might once have wanted to pull your hair out having to explain to your grandparents for the 89th time how to set an alarm on their new iPhone, it turns out watching them trying to figure out how to send a Snapchat is actually, really quite funny!

Christmas should be about fun, games and silliness with the people who are closest to you! Especially if you don’t see them all so often, it’s not only a great chance for a catch up but these memories will stay forever! We always get some smashing group photos at Christmas while everyone is together which we can treasure forever!


When you realise just how much time, planning, preparation and effort that goes into doing the Christmas dinner, you might think twice about complaining that there wasn’t enough for 14 pigs in blankets each! It’s just a case of realising how much goes into something that we all once upon a time thought was a day about nothing but presents.

I have also seemed to notice that I feel like I’ve received a great deal more in the last couple of years. I probably haven’t, but have been more grateful so it has felt like more! Realising your blessings will make you more consciously aware of how lucky you actually are!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas – I know I did! Have a fantastic New Year!


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