10 Alternative New Years Resolutions To Bring More Happiness And Less Cliché Disappointment 

When it comes to New Years resolutions, I’m in two minds. I love the fact that people use this as an opportunity to want to better themselves throughout the following year! But I really dislike the way people seem to think that because it’s a New Year, it will automatically mean, a New Them. For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st of January or the 27th of June; if you want to change, break or start a new habit, then just go for it, why wait until the end of December to put your plan of action into practice?

The other thing I hate about New Years resolutions are the classics; ‘I want to lose weight’, ‘I’ll drink less’ and ‘this year I’ll quit smoking’. As much as they are all fantastic things to do, they are so cliche they are the ones most often not achieved. So by 31st of December, you feel a little down about the fact that once again you didn’t reach your goals, so you decided to set them again for the new year, only this time telling yourself that you will ‘make more of an effort’. I’m sure there are a few of you reading who know what I’m talking about!


So I’ve thought about what kind of New Years resolutions I want to make, some alternative but achievable goals which will not only give me a good sense of accomplishment, but fulfill my life with more happiness, which lets face it, is the more important that weighing a couple of kilos less!

1. Read More – this is something simple, can easily be fitted into anyone’s day, can take your mind off things, and let’s your imagination run wild!

2. Visit at least one new place a month – I did this last year, and loved it so much I’m continuing it! It doesn’t have to be a place far away or a new country! Maybe a small town nearby that you’ve never been to! It can make for great days out with family and friends and you don’t know what little gems you might find!


3. Move More – okay, I know this sounds a little cliche, but I don’t mean join a gym in January like the other 70% of the country.. I mean everyday, just do one little thing extra; walk to work, cycle the kids to school, park in the furthest away space.. The little things will add up!

4. Be more adventurous – it’s true, you shouldn’t say yes to everything – you need time for yourself. But it’s good for you to say yes sometimes. Yes’s can lead to adventures you thought you might never do! Leave the edges of your comfort zone every once in a while!

5. Embrace technology – as much as I agree that it sometimes feels technology is taking over our lives, I do also believe there is literally hundreds of perks, and my advice is to embrace them! There’s so many great, educational sources. For example, cut some of the reality TV out of your life and watch a Ted Talk. Chuck out the gossip magazines and start listening to podcasts. There’s plenty of top quality, productive material out there, a lot of it free and literally within a touch of a button, what are you waiting for?

6. Be more open minded – read about things you are against, or don’t feel comfortable about. Talk to people from different ethnic backgrounds. Join groups with people from all different ages and walks of life. Talk with people and try to understand how they see things and their mentality.

7. Make a friend a month – okay, I’m a firm believer that as we grow older we realise it’s more important to have a few close friends that hundreds of people we call friend but aren’t too fussed about. And I stand by that. However, until you get to know someone, you won’t know if they could actually be a true friend for the rest of your life. A friend a month might seem a little too many, that’s 12 extra friends in a year; but I’m not saying they have to be your best friend or that you should forget your old friends. Just make more of an effort to talk to people and listen to them; get to know them, their hobbies and their characters. You never know who you might find.


8. Keep your soul happy – take some time to think about yourself, and find your passion. What do you love doing? Once you realise it, do it as much as you can! As a hobby or even as a career, just do it! Your body will thank you and your soul will be happy, and in return, who knows what it could lead to!

9. Get creative – whether it’s through drawing or painting, singing or dancing, writing or reading, do more to get your imagination creating! It’s good for you health, fun and it will keep you younger!

10. Get involved – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a local charity event, a fundraiser, or starting your own movement, if you feel strongly for something or want to make a stand, get involved and get your voice heard. We could always use more people willing to help, and the world will always benefit from more do-gooders! Get involved and make a difference, you could literally change someone’s life!


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