Trade New Years Resolutions for a Bucket List 

While New Years resolutions can be a great way of setting goals for the coming year, I think a bucket list is a bigger and more satisfying set of goals to work towards! Personally, I think everyone should have a bucket list; it gives us inspiration and motivation to do the things we’ve always dreamed of. I encourage you to write yours out, and go crazy with what you want out of life.


Bucket Lists don’t have to be massive, and they can be as tame or exotic and adventurous as you like! Here’s a couple of examples from my Bucket List – it’s heavily travel based, no surprises there!

  • Take a helicopter ride over Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Climb a mountain – none in particular, but just to see the world from the top!
  • Travel South East Asia and explore the different cultures, foods, mentalities and general way of life
  • Volunteer abroad – I would love to help build a school, but working on a farm or in a school would be equally satisfying
  • Visit each continent
  • Organise a charity fundraiser

So why not swap the New Years resolutions for taking time to create a Bucket List, and spend the year striving to hit your targets! Trust me, it will feel much more satisfying accomplishing a dream, than most things anyone sets for their New Years res!


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