Heart On Your Sleeve

I was in the car the other day, sat behind my sister. We both had our elbows resting on the window ledge, with our fingers touching the roof, and I noticed something; her wrists. I looked at her wrists, then at my own, and realised that here was another major difference between us.

On her arms, were a variety of Pandora bracelets and charms, Michael Kors bangles, other pieces of jewellery and other big, designer brand names. On my arms, are tatty, old, worn out bands, friendships bracelets, a peace sign on a pink piece of string, a Live Lokai bracelet, and of course my new Fitbit. The saying ‘we wear our hearts on our sleeve’ hit me.

What is in our hearts? Our loves, our dreams and our passions. On my arms, the things I wear and display are what I love, believe in and am passionate about. The same goes to my sister, and many others just like her, its just that what means a lot to her, are completely different to what means a lot to me. That’s fine, because that’s what makes us all unique, but I just cant help but feel that materialistic people like this are really missing out on the things that matter in life – more of that here, but that’s another story.

It made me think about how we present ourselves, and I couldn’t stop thinking about wearing our hearts on our sleeve. Typically this means we are very easy to read emotionally as we show our emotions via our facial expressions and body language, but the more I think about it, the more I take it more literally; whatever it is we love and hold dearly to us, we like to show to the world.


Dressing up formally is something I really don’t enjoy doing, but on the odd occasions I have to, everyone is always telling me the ‘mess’ on my arms and surfboard around my neck should be taken off as they look scruffy and not suitable for which ever event we are at. But I always refuse to take them off and insist I wear them, because they are part of what makes me, me. Among the collection of scruffy strings are bands I bought from Portugal when I was just 14, still dreaming of moving there, a friendship bracelet from one of my best friends son from Nepal, a bracelet from a friend from India, a bracelet which was given to me as a Christmas present from my 9 year old neighbour, a bracelet with a peace symbol, and a Live Lokai bracelet (which I love and think everyone should know about!) But these things are important to me, no matter how small or shabby they might look. I never take any of them off and for one to break or to lose one, I would be gutted.

Seeing the difference in what people wear to present themselves, I thought about other things such as the clothes we wear, the brands, the style, the makes.. everything we represent must mean something, whether we realise it or not. What message do you think you give out from what you wear?


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