#QOTD ‘Schools Teach Kids Irrelevant Things’

‘Schools teach kids irrelevant things, but not how to cope with real life.’ – Rowan Atkinson

Who doesn’t love Mr Bean? But real life Rowan Atkinson is spot on, I am totally behind him with this. I didn’t mind school, but only for the social side. I hated being forced to learn things which I had no interest in, and knowing I wouldn’t ever use in my life, but not having the opportunity to learn ‘real-world’ things, or things I did have an interest in. School is important; education is incredibly important, but I believe self education is the best form. Experience is key. Traveling, exploring the world, different situations, lives, jobs and environments first hand is the best way to learn. I’ve learnt more ‘real life, valuable things’ in the few years since I left school than I ever did while I was there – other than the obvious essentials like maths, and learning to read and write!



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