Christmas in the Hottest City in the World

Not only was this my first Christmas away from my family, making it feel odd enough, I was also about to experience my first Christmas in the World’s Hottest City; Adelaide!

It was all over the news that South Australia’s capital was going to hit 40 plus degrees, and I don’t think I was totally ready! Leaving the UK behind in its -5 degree weather, I was enjoying the beaming sunshine and wearing shorts for the first time in months! Despite that, it started to feel weird seeing the Christmas Tree’s and Christmas lights and decorations in and around  houses and at the shopping centres and all other public areas!

On Christmas Eve, I attended my first ever Midnight Mass! It’s not the sort of thing I would normally do, but I am glad I went and experienced it.


I was worried about Christmas Day itself. Not being with my family, not having the same traditions and routine I’ve had for the last 20 years, and mostly, not being able to get y head around a hot Christmas. 

I was expecting it to be a lovely day, but for it not to feel like Christmas day. However, I am delighted to report that I had a truly wonderful Christmas, and couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who welcomed me, made me feel part of the family and for all of the gifts I was not at all expecting. Mum had even sent me over with a few little things in my case, some lovely little presents but also a little old christmas ornament we keep chocolate coins in. It’s of absolutely no worth, but it’s my favourite decoration for the festive season, so to open that and have it with me in Australia made me so happy!

We all had a present on Christmas Eve, which were a new set of pajamas to wear for Christmas day. I was given a stocking to open in the morning when I woke up, before we all headed to the pergola for our Christmas breakfast of croissants, chocolates, our hand picked strawberries and Bucks Fizz! We all opened our presents, had a laugh, had photos in our pajamas, and enjoyed the morning!

Sam and I walked the dog along the beach, still in our pyjamas, because hey, it’s Christmas, so why not!?


We had a cracking spread for lunch, with more family joining, more alcohol drank and more games being played! We headed over to James’ for the evening, gatecrashing a party of 20 others, and had a lovely evening out in the garden! I hadn’t met the vast majority of the people here, but everyone was so lovely and welcoming that I didn’t feel at all like a newcomer to the group!

Dealing with the heat wasn’t quite as bad as I was anticipating, mainly down to the brilliant air conditioning! However, stepping outside to really embrace the world’s hottest city turned out to be a huge mistake as after just 5 minutes I was beyond boiling and sweating buckets! (LUSH!)


I honestly had the most wonderful day, and I felt very content. Everyone around me made me feel special and gave me a really fantastic Aussie, but still traditional Christmas. A massive thank you to everyone, you know who you are!


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