Hahndorf German Village at Christmas


45 minutes North of Hallett Cove, is a small, German town called Hahndorf. The traditional town attracts visitors throughout the year, but never more so than in the festive season!

There was a German Christmas Market, similar to those now popular in most european countries, situated next to a church offering a beautiful place to sit in the sun. There were a wide range of stalls offering the opportunity to buy genuine, hand crafted gifts, a stage set up with singing and dance acts from kids and teenagers, and stalls to purchase food and drink. Not forgetting of course, the classic mulled wine!


There was a Father Christmas, dressed fully in his red suit and beard with his sack,  greeting children and having photos, which was lovely but very strange; Santa walking around in the 30 degree sun!!

It didn’t stop at the market though, along Hahndorf Main Street there were old vintage shops selling everything from candles to real leather belts, and hand carved wooden clocks costing thousands to traditional old German toys and classic English sweets!


We stopped to cool down at an Ice Cream Parlour, named Copenhagen’s, another European name I swear was only thrown in to confuse me that little bit more… I was at a German Christmas Market in Australia, watching a Santa Claus walk around in the scorching sun, while eating ice cream at Copenhagen! Not a sentence I ever thought I’d be saying!
Fröhliche Weihnachten



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