About Me

Hello ! I’m Zoe, I’m 21 and  this is my blog! I have lots of big traveling plans which I want to share, but in the mean time I’ll keep updating with where I am and what I’m doing! Feel free to comment and share!

2015 Goals

I wanted to add my 2015 goals to my homepage. I don’t imagine that anyone viewing this blog will be particularly interested, but for me personally knowing that they are on here for all to see, might just give me that little bit of pressure to keep me focused and on track.

  1. Be Healthy.Every New Years I, along with the rest of the world tell myself I am going to hit the gym and lose weight. After 2 long, horrible, miserable weeks and no results later, I throw in the towel just like most others. This year I have set my goal a little different to normal, with a more realistic and healthy target; to get fitter. To do this I will watch what I eat and get into the habit of exercising regularly. I’m not going to worry about my weight – as we all know muscle weighs more than fat – I just want to lower my body fat percentage, and increase my water percentage and muscle mass. If I can do this I should be healthier and fitter with more energy and endurance.
  2. Get my Travel Savings started.I’m hoping to save some money this year. Not mega bucks but get a little pot going for all my big traveling plans. The next big adventure I want to make is visiting my friend in Australia, explore South East Asia, and even climb Mount Everest Base Camp – ambitious I know, but you’ve gotta dream big, right? At the moment, that’s all it is, a dream, but hopefully by this time next year I will be one step closer to making it a reality.
  3. Become an explorer!Okay, I may have watched Up one too many times! I promised myself that this year I’d visit one new place a month. It doesn’t have to be a new country or city, just somewhere I’ve never been before. The world is a big place and you’d be incredibly lucky to see it all, so it’s good to start close to home and then venture further out. Sometimes the best things are right under your nose!
  4. Book Challenge!I have challenged myself to read 30 books in 2015. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body! It is so good for you, and with the ease and convenience of a kindle, it can be done anywhere; in the bath, on the beach, by the pool, in a café… there are no limits!
  5. Take part in a charity run.I have wanted to do this for years, but my fitness has ALWAYS let me down! Whether it is during my time in Portugal or one when I am back in the UK, I just want to compete in and complete a 5 or 10k run! I would be very proud of myself if I could, and what better motivation than for the money to be for charity? It would be a win win!