Why NOW is the Time to Start Living Your Life

Okay I decided to write this post because I’ve had enough of people complaining to me about their ‘boring’, ‘dull’ and ‘lifeless’ lives. Too many people are going on about how they hate their job, or how they live in a boring place which they don’t like, or how they’re not happy with their relationship or friendships. This really gets to me because all these people have the same problem; the wrong attitude towards life. Continue reading


Tourist Vs Traveller

When booking a trip, most of just can’t wait to get away for a few days, and departure day couldn’t come any sooner. Some of us dream about relaxing on a white sand beach, with a cocktail in hand, while all others can do is think about the new places they are going to discover, the new people they are going to meet, and the new types of cuisine they are going to eat. For me, this defines the Tourists and the Travellers. Continue reading