Why I Fell In Love With The Big Blue Ocean

I’ve always loved going to the beach; building sandcastles and creatures as a kid, enjoying a book, or paddling in the sea for a refreshing break from laying in the sun, desperately trying to get that sun kissed tan (although inevitably ending up being burnt to a cinder and spending the next 4 days as red as a lobster!) But it wasn’t until 2014 when I moved to the sunny Algarve and lived on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean, did I realise just how much I loved the sea, and all its enchanting mystery. Continue reading

First Time Living Alone – And Abroad!!

I am recently 21, and first moved from the UK to Portugal just a couple months after I turned 20. I had never even lived alone in England, so for my first time to be free, independent and responsible, choosing a different country (who’s language I do not speak) maybe wasn’t the wisest plan! But, just before getting ready to go back for my second season, I realise what a great thing it was, and how lucky and proud that I was able to do it! Continue reading